innovative prototype solutions

The Most Accurate Rapid Prototyping Services

IMPM uses the most accurate 3D printing technology on the market.  The SLA process was the first to become commercially available and has undergone a continuous refining process, allowing us to provide you with a prototype that fits as it should, and looks better than most. Learn more… SLA Prototyping Services

IMPM Eliminates Your Urethane Concerns

IMPM is on the leading edge of silicone tooling technology. We offer over 140 urethanes, so we can typically match your production material specs. Our unique tool design techniques ensure quality and accuracy. Give us a call to discuss your prototyping needs and concerns – we’ll find you a solution. Learn more… Cast Urethane Prototyping Services

Save Significantly With Aluminum Tooling

Why spend more money than you need to with steel tooling when labor costs, machine costs, and lead time could all be significantly reduced with aluminum tooling for injection molding.  Parts can often be produced in a few weeks with a mold cost the fraction of what it would be with standard steel tooling. Learn more… Aluminum Tooling at IMPM